WMRN/WYNT Red Cross Radiothon
16th Annual WMRN/Majic 95.9 Red Cross Radiothon
Thursday, May 11th, 2017
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Mike Nicolosi's Hog Roast
Posted: Tue 4/04/2017 3:51pm

Approx. Value: $1000.00
Last Online Bid: N/A

*Donated by: Mike Nicolosi & Hord Livestock Co., Inc. & Kathy Brinkman

If you're the winning bidder for this amazingly appetizing auction item, it will be Mike Nicolosi with a large and delicious "friend" in tow.

In Mike's skilled hands, his pork barbecue helps turn an otherwise ordinary get-together into an event everyone will truly savor.

About the Donors: Long before you and your guests find yourselves eating "high on the hog," Mike will be hard at work. He ensures that the meat is thoroughly cooked, yet tender, juicy and flavorful, by roasting it ever so slowly. He employs an indirect technique, painstakingly tending the hickory and cherry wood fire for about 15 hours until the pork practically falls off the bone.

About 60 minutes before serving, Mike will pull up at your party with his portable pit. While the aroma is filling the air, Mike will carve, decorate and display the pig with his customary flair. Then, he'll set up the serving line for 75 to 100 guests, providing sandwich buns a choice of his signature barbecue sauces - original or spicey.

Hord Livestock Co. Inc. is supplying "the guest of honor" for this barbecue package. Based in neighboring Crawford County, but with ties to operations in Marion County, Hord Livestock is a fully integrated, family run swine and grain operation. The Hord family has been a part of our area's farm community for more than 55 years. Hord believes that premium pork quality starts with a focus on keeping pigs healthy from farrowing to finish. We appreciate Hord's participation again in this year's Radiothon.

Processing of the pig this year is being sponsored by Kathy Brinkman. Kathy is again a member of our Radiothon Committee and has contributed many hours to make this years Radiothon a success. A big thank you to Kathy for her generosity and continued support.

Important terms and conditions:
The barbecue must be scheduled in advance and is subject to Mike's availability. Only purchase this package if you have some flexibility in setting a date for your event.
Additional pork, side dishes and other services are not included in this package. Call 740-382-9970 for more information on these as a separate charge.
Gift certificate cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed.
Gift certificate cannot be exchanged for cash.

Scheduled to be Auctioned in the 5pm Hour.
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